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These courses will have the first run in the coming semester. You may inquire at the Admissions Office (NID Programmes) and Industry Liaison Office (Professonal Courses) if you are keen to participate in any of the programmes.

Latest Courses

Contact us at if you are interested in any of the following programmes or need an in-house programme to be specially designed for you. You may also wish to read more about these courses at our consultancy unit site by clicking HERE


The HCIA Certification is a foundation platform for the HUAWEI Routing and Switching Associate or entry level Certification track. This will prepare you for the journey into the Huawei world of Networking.

Web Designing

Learn the basics of setting up your own website in few days!


Cisco certification class aim to guide student on network fundamentals, as well to deliver practical classes with real CISCO tools. CISCO classes will prepare students for CCNA certificate examination, which may pave for successful career in the filed of networking.

Web Development

Web Development classes aim at teaching students on how to develop a website. The course will introduce students to basics of web development, tools needed for developing website, and practical sessions on how to develop a website from scratch to deployment.

Virtualisation Development

We explain what virtualisation is, its beginnings and how it can benefit businesses.

Introduction to Programming

Diploma in Programming that covers introduction to programming concepts using Scratch/Python and Java Programming Language,Setting up the environment for Scratch/Python and Java Programming, Physical projects for Scratch/Python and Java